Balise APY géolocalisation




A GPS device like no other!

Thanks to its brand-new technology, our geolocation device

allows you to easily and effectively find people, pets and precious objects.

APY is the only GPS of its kind that boasts a battery life of up to 1 year

meaning users no longer have to constantly recharge it.





Lose, pinpoint, find.
It’s as simple as that!




What logo_apy_menu can do




exact location and find

what you’re looking for



in case of abnormal activity or if user has left pre-defined area



to quickly find the person
or object



to personalise functions to your needs

The power of logo_apy_menu


Battery life

Up to 1 year


Local and National


Sleek and ergonomic


Water and shock resistant


Featherweight in its category


Equal to the size of a standard wristwatch face







Several APYs

in one app










  • • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • • Smooth and ergonomic interface
  • • Intuitive and easy use
  • • Push notification



appli-apy appli-apy2


The APY Package

• Device

• Smartphone application


Tell me more

A gadget for

whatever your need!



On the go!

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Alexis, 21 years old, Paris “ Did you know that about 5,000 bikes are stolen every year in Paris? After losing my own to one of these thefts, I wanted […]


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

- Albert Einstein

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Autonomy (noun): independence, freedom.

Serenity is the absence of any doubt.

- Jean-Michel Wyl

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